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Over-Quota Pro Account Charges

Posted on January 7, 2022 by theimagefile under Business, Theimagefile

Since we changed our storage quota system in 2015 to the file-count system, we have held off enforcing any over-quota charges on Pro Accounts.

The Pro Account enjoys an unlimited file quota, with a fair-use policy of 1TB of storage. However, you could store additional data at a charge of £12.00 + VAT per TB if required. With rising storage charges it is now necessary to charge for the over-quota storage being used by those members.

If you are on a Pro Account and are over-quota we will notify you beforehand but now is the time to manage your storage if you wish to avoid the extra charges if are using more than 1TB.

Below are a couple of help articles to help you manage your storage quota. Please log into your account on theimagefile to access these:

How Can I Tell How Much Storage Space I Am Using?

“Checking your quota and your current usage

How Can I Delete Older Data No Longer Required?

Use the filter at the bottom of the page to autoselect older collections:

How to bulk delete collections”