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Jim’s App Picks!

We wanted to introduce you to some apps that Theimagefile love to use on a day to day basis. They’re really fun and simple, so have a look and most importantly, enjoy!

For Work!


Snapseed is a first class photo editing app that is compatible with both IOS and Android. It allows you to enhance, adjust and experiment with your images, use great HDR conversion tools and makes sharing simple with its Google+, Twitter and Facebook integration. It’s a really fun and simple app that makes editing on-the-go really easy.


For Home!

Change4Life Smart Recipes

The Change4Life Smart Recipes, designed by the NHS, this allows you to quickly and search through over one hundred healthy, calorie counted recipes (great for the normal post Christmas calorie counting!). Its integrated shopping list feature allows you to be healthy even when busy, a blessing here at Theimagefile. Compatible with IOS and Android.


For Fun!

Night Sky 2

With all the great news about the Rosetta probe mission, we wanted to bring your attention to an app called Night Sky 2. Although you won’t be able to see the Philae comet lander the app allows you to view and learn about stars, planets, constellations and satellites, in augmented reality, when you point your device at the sky. It also has the great weather forecast feature, detailing good, fair or poor chances of stargazing. Compatible with IOS and Android.

Mosaic Page Update

We wanted to give you a quick heads up about an update being made to the mosaic pages! By popular request we have made a change to the page’s functionality so that you can now show the larger thumbnail in the foreground. This will only occur when the image is clicked on from the mosaic page. To enable this new display option on your site, just edit your existing mosaic page (or make a new one!) and select the option:

mosaic page option

This option causes the 840px image to popup in the foreground when the small thumbnail is clicked (without reloading the page).  From there, you can hit ESC to cancel, or arrow keys “<” and “>” to click forwards and backwards through all images.

The 840px popup image works the same as on the View File page, taking colour, opacity and size information from; Control Panel -> My Images -> Collection and File Defaults -> File and Collection Display Settings.

2014-11-07_12-29-04 2014-11-07_12-28-40

We recommend that this format is used for a portfolio page as no sales options are displayed. The mosaic pages have been a great success and we’re so pleased that you’re enjoying them, so remember to make the changes required if you would like the new updates on your website! 😀


School Photographers – Print Packs and Proof Cards – The Online Solution!

We’re really excited to be launching a new online solution for school photographers! Most schools nowadays require an online solution for viewing, ordering and paying for images. The main reason for this is so that the admin tasks lie with, you the photographer and not with the school. As we are all in the service industry we all know that when our customer’s requirements change, our workflows must match them.


“So we have launched a super easy and cost effective solution!”


Logo Ideas!

Today we wanted to talk about the importance of logos and how they brand a business. Your logo says a lot about the work you do; from what your business specialises in, to your personal style and target market. It also assists in making your website stand out from the crowd and look great. However…

It  can be difficult to achieve the logo you desire and your company deserves if you’re not a “designer”.

Therefore, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to get your a beautiful looking logo!


Social media: Voice and identity

Perhaps the greatest element of social media for business is the ability to have conversations with your potential customer and other businesses. Much like a physical store, although you can’t really leave your shop when its open! Establishing your voice goes hand-in-hand with your identity online, and it’s important to understand you may not get this right the first time, or even tenth time of trying. it’s a learning curve you will go through.


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