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New Stack Page Cue

Keeping in mind the new options and benefits of the stack page in the responsive layout, we have a new small update to share. You can now go directly to edit a web page that is not displayed in the navigation menu and we will do a secondary check to see if it’s included in any stack page and if so, we mention it.

The intent with this cue is to help you decide what to do with the page. Is it an old page that can be deleted? Or is it being used somewhere important? Now you can easily see where pages are, even if they’re not being displayed in the navigation menu. 

Note also, that if you do delete or accidentally delete a web page, we automatically check to see if that page is linked to from other live pages and warn you. This gives you a chance to restore the web page and remember, we only soft-delete your web page for 90 days. 

Duplicated FuturePay Agreements

We have reported duplicated FuturePay agreements – acquired by Lloyds to Worldpay following a number of reports over the weekend and are currently awaiting their second-line support to come back to us with more details. We apologise for any inconvenience and will keep you updated as soon as we hear back. 

Update 2018-09-25 – A refund on every duplicate payment has been authorised. All refunds are now completed and are made to the card that was used for the transaction.  Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Theimagefile’s New Responsive Website Layout

We have some very exciting news to share with you all! 

Theimagefile has just released a brand new responsive website layout which is not only more beautiful than any other layout that has come before it but has also been specifically designed to help your business grow. Below we have covered just a little bit about the responsive layout to tempt you to give it a go.  


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