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New Slide Show Music Available!


We wanted to let you know that there are some new music tracks available for your collection slideshows on theimagefile! We’ve added six new royalty-free tracks to use, as well as four new multi-tracks for those longer slideshows.

We have included some Christmas jingles ready for the coming season! Perfect for the festive season or make those Christmas offers and slideshows look even more tempting.

If you need any help with installing the music onto your website then…

1. Log in to your account on theimagefile.
2. Click on “Help and Support”.
3. Search for “music in slideshows” and follow the help article.


Throwback Thursday – “Shop” Price Plans And “Buy Now” Buttons!

It’s almost the weekend! (WOOHOO). We’re sure you have lots of lovely things planned for the next couple of days but before you go off and enjoy them we wanted to remind you all of a couple of things. There are so many great tools here on Theimagefile that we realize it’s sometimes easy to forget about some of them. But don’t worry, here is a throwback to just a couple!


Shocking Facts About Social Media!

Brace yourselves everyone, because we’re about to talk about the all-important topic of social media…

In blissful times gone by, social media was just another page on a website, rarely used or updated, but no longer! In recent years it has grown exponentially, developing its own language, community spirit and humour. Therefore, we must learn to embrace it!

We realise that some of you are probably there saying “social media is a waste of time for my business because only young people use it”. Well, I hate to break it to you but social media is no longer the teenage domain. Over the past year the fastest growing demographic on Twitter was the 55 to 64 age bracket and according to this study, mothers with children under the age of five are the most active on social media. (Are you listening tchild and baby photographers?!)

It’s very easy to shy away from social media because it appears confusing and overwhelming. Your minds are probably spinning with…

Do I choose Facebook or Twitter? Google+ or LinkedIn?  Is Youtube better than Instagram?

Well, to give you a little help or maybe just a shock we found some weird and wonderful facts about social media and just how powerful it really is…


You’ve Always Got A Camera If You’ve Got A Phone!

The first rule of photography…..have a camera.

Now that the winter months are here and the days are drawing in, it’s easy to miss great photo opportunities. But you shouldn’t! There are so many aspects of the season to get inspired by – taking the dog for a walk in a frosty landscape, the Christmas lights and festive stalls in town, the changing colours of the trees…

We realise that you don’t always have all of your kit with you during these moments so we wanted to remind you of the trusty old camera phone. The camera phones that we carry around in our pockets and bags are often used only for happy snaps and fleeting moments. However, nowadays their capabilities are absolutely phenomenal. Our mobiles have the ability to take great images and produce lovely looking prints in surprisingly large sizes. To find out what size print your camera phone would be able to produce have a look at this guide from


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