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Partner labs are moving to our new sales system

Posted on January 17, 2022 by uk212417 under New and Improved Features, Photographers Websites, Sales and Marketing

Last April we started to launch our new sales system. It is a new system from the ground up and the results in increased sales have been noticeable. Previously the photographer would select the finishes for each print size they wanted to offer. This could quickly result in a really large list of products for the customer to need to navigate through. Research showed us that the visitor wants to view, select, repeat and checkout.

Our partner labs offer an amazing array of products, finishes, sizes and options for prints, products, canvas, acrylic and multiple wall art mediums and finishes for you to select the right products for your customers. The choice is amazing. As a photographer you know the nuances and finer details of each paper type. As a consumer, they know that as a professional photographer you have given them the best options to select from.

The new print sales system contains variations and modifiers. Now, the customer can select an image, select a size, select a finish and checkout. And, the sales increases we have seen since soft-launching the new system have shown that this is what they want.

The cart is mobile responsive and wherever possible, we have made it so checkout can be completed on a single page.

We are looking forward to seeing your sales increase as more labs migrate to the new system.

These features allow you to simplify your product offerings by defining a single master “print” sale item, with variations for each size & modifiers for each finish (Lustre, Gloss, Metallic, etc.)