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Print Lab Credit System

Posted on February 18, 2015 by James Duncan under Partners, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

Theimagefile has developed a credit system that allows you, as partner print labs, to offer cost-of-goods credits to photographers. It’s a great system that can be used to reward photographers for signing up to your lab/email list, as a refund, or reward or to encourage sales during a specified time period.



Each credit:

  • Has an optional start and end date, allowing you to encourage immediate sales or schedule future promotions.
  • Has a value. However, if an order is placed above that photographer’s allocated credit value, then they must make up the balance with real money in the normal way (e.g. if a photographer has a £20 credit then he can use all £20 on an order of £100 but must pay the £80 excess in real money).
  • May apply to all photographers, a list or an individual (e.g. VIP or new customers),
  • Has a “name” that appears in the photographer’s cost-of-goods invoice, e.g. “March 2015 promo” or “Starting credit as agreed”.


As a lab you can create a single credit or many different credit promotions. This can be helpful if you want to set up a monthly credit promotion (e.g. March promo 2015) or reward a selection of photographers (e.g. new customers). Any credits that are allocated to a photographer will show up on their price plan. This is designed to encourage photographers to use that discount, and therefore that promotion.

If a photographer is eligible for multiple credits on a single order, then our system will automatically use all his available credits before charging for any remaining costs in real money. The system automatically uses the soonest-to-expire credits first. Credits are allocated when the order is first made by the end-end customer.


Below we have included an example credit:

credit example


The partner print lab credit system is a great way boosting sales and business for photographers and our partner labs. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.