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Project: “Life Under Lockdown”

Posted on March 20, 2020 by theimagefile under Photography

I think we can all agree that the lockdown has already made some changes to our lives and greatly affected what we deem “normal”. Many of us have witnessed changes to our local area – businesses having to temporarily close their doors, public transport being almost empty and school classrooms falling silent. However, in the spirit of looking for silver linings, these changes do present a unique opportunity for a personal photographic project.

“Life Under Lockdown”

So, here’s the concept.

A personal photojournalism project entitled “Life Under Lockdown” focusing on how our local communities have been affected by the enforced lockdown. You could photograph empty streets in your area, businesses closed, empty buses, trains, schools, playgrounds or even busy hospitals. Alternatively, you could go down a different route, photographing small acts of kindness and the power of community even in this modern age, for example, someone leaving shopping at another person’s front door. Or you could make the project particularly personal by sharing what your own life looks like under lockdown. Maybe you’re having to work from home, educate your children from the kitchen table or have a tower of toilet rolls under the stairs? Show what “lockdown” means to you!

Not only is this a project that we can all participate in but it also resonates with us all. It is an opportunity to really engage and connect with our local communities and each other, something that this virus is teaching us the importance of every day.

Maybe this project will simply inspire you to get out and get creative (at a safe distance from others, of course) or create a self-portrait at home to display social distancing. Or perhaps you will want to share your images with others. You could post a different image each day or every other day on social media or perhaps create a collection on your website, you could use the dedicated Image Of The Day web page, which you could then share on a local community Facebook page etc. The list is endless.

So, if you’re wondering what to do with yourself, why not show what your life under lockdown looks like?