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Promoting Your Business Online!

Posted on January 14, 2015 by Elsa under Business, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Blogging

Following on from our article “Refresh Your Business!” we have combined the last two business goals; promoting a business more and increasing communication with customers. Every business regardless of size or industry needs to promote and market their services to a customer base. However, it can be hard knowing which promotion route to take. This article focuses on how to best promote your business online through email and social media.


Email marketing is a great way of interacting with past customers as well as pursuing new clients. The benefit of marketing to past clients is that they have already used your services and therefore must like your business. The emails that we’re going to focus on are promotional emails. Promotional emails are designed to promote a new product or service to previous clients. For this reason, promotional emails are kept short and sweet and use active language, such as “buy now”. By using this type of language customers are given a sense of urgency and a reason to to act now. Promotional emails don’t require a lot of explanation, their purpose is to state the deal on offer, how to redeem it and when the deal expires; for example;

40% off an engagement shoot! Valid from 1 January – 31 January 2015. 


Furthermore, some consider social media marketing to be the “next big thing”, while to others it’s just a passing fad. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, and 80% of those indicated that their efforts increased traffic to their websites. Social media is another channel for your brand’s content and “voice” to be heard, without it your inbound traffic is limited to those already familiar with you or searching for particular keywords. By putting your company on social media you are more accessible to your customer base, for example potential clients may see you business mentioned on their Facebook newsfeed while past customers can gain familiarity by seeing you on various networks.

Social media marketing also increases the chances of conversions. A conversion is simply the process of a potential customer discovering your business, interacting with it (perhaps by booking your services or adding items to a shopping cart) and then purchasing from you; thereby being converted. When you build a following within social media channels you are able to access new and past clients, interacting with them all in one place. Therefore, every time you share something within your social media you are creating a situation for someone to react and potentially convert to your business.

Social media is primarily a communication channel. When people go to review a product or service they turn to social media networks. By marketing on social media you are creating a human element to your business. People would rather interact with other people than companies as they feel more individual, understood and valued as customers. By using social media networks you can use every interaction to publicly demonstrate your commitment to great customer service and enriching client relationships.



Following on from our Valentine’s Day page sets, we are now releasing Valentine’s Day graphics to help you promote your offers. The graphics have been designed to fit into an invoice email and social media posts. Click to download our Valentine’s Day graphics!



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