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Sales techniques

Posted on April 16, 2018 by Rich under Business, Sales and Marketing

Sales techniques have been transformed in the digital age. They’ve changed the fabric of almost every facet of life and the way we operate our systems of work and business. That does not mean that we should change the way we sell, generate business or communicate with prospects.  The mechanism may have changed but the old tactics to generate a sale or finding a client are tried and trusted. The availability of information online simply speeds up the process.

It also speeds up everything else. Customers have access to huge amounts of research and pricing information. So, it makes your job harder in order to simply stand out. It also implies that you cannot inflate pricing unnecessarily in respect of your competition, without good reason of course. It provides an almost level playing ground for products that everyone can offer. Being creative is the key factor.

ABC. Always Be Closing.

So what are the key elements of selling successfully? Whether it is online, in-store or in person? Some sales techniques you should be aware of are:

  • ABC. Always Be Closing. This is old school sales speak. It should not be strictly adhered to in any way. However, the message it conveys is clear. It is something to have in the back of your mind with all your sales and customer interactions. Identify when a potential customer says certain things or asks certain questions. Replying in the right way can make all the difference. Offering a price, clearly stating it is a one-time deal, in a random conversation might be the moment when they say – ‘you know what, why not!’ Spontaneity is often the precursor to new business.
  • Community. Smartphones have given everyone cause to push their photography skills. Therefore, there is no reason why, as an expert in the field, you cannot lead the discussion and provide guidance. Selling events like ‘iPhone Photography Masterclass with your Local Photography Expert’. Or ‘Taking Your Photography To The Next Level’. They could and should be gateways to making sales and establishing your position as a trusted expert.
  • Assumptive sales. Classic phone sales techniques back in the day involved lots of trial closing questions. ‘If can capture you and your family in one image for you to treasure forever, it’d be foolish not to book the shoot in?’. Or ‘I’m confident I can capture your image perfectly at my studio, now what dates were you looking to book? Being assured and confident in your product and service provides a trusting platform for people to buy into.
  • Mirroring. Some other classic sales techniques and one that works one on one traditionally is mirroring. By appearing in tune with your prospect, this provides a situation of trust. Manner and tone of speech. The speed of talking. Physical gestures. Use of certain language. Common ground, such as favourite music. Mirror/copy them. By subtly introducing these aspects, one appears in step and therefore a trusted partner. This obviously is perhaps a little underhand but serves to highlight the importance of community and secures the sale.