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Scrolling Folio – A great page for portfolios (and SEO)

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Madeleine under Coffee Break, New and Improved Features, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

Large with no spacing

For a super easy display of images on a web page, use the scrolling folio page. Whether it be a portfolio,  event, sample images for a client or even product photos, this  page type has always been great for SEO but also has the benefit of offering sales options from each image if required. Theimagefile has just released some updates to this page type which now makes it even better and easier to use.



It’s really easy to use and update at any time.

1. Select the collection of images you want to display from the drop down list showing all collections in your My Images area.

2. Select your display size from the three options:  small 140px, medium 420px or large 600×580 and if you want the images to be right next to each other, or include your 1px Fallback Border (you can select your Fallback Border colour from your web site Colours and Backgrounds page) and 8px padding between the images.

3.  Optionally add some text to the page using the text editors.

All images are shown at the exact same height with a scroll bar underneath so the visitor can scroll through the images at their own speed. The page also offers two text editors, one above the scrolling folio and one below so you can add text and other on page content to suit your own designs.

Large with no spacing

Large no spacing

Large with spacing

Large with spacing

Medium no spacing

Medium no spacing



small no spacing

Small no spacing


Give your search engine optimisation a boost, and create a new page today!  The page type can also be used very successfully as an option in the stack page.


Click here if you want to view the example