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Social media: Facebook do’s and don’ts

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Rich under Social Media and Blogging

Facebook may have plenty of detractors for the way it delivers advertising or seems to control your feed by the dastardly algorithm conspiracy, but it still delivers the best value for brands and individuals by it’s sheer reach and user base. Crucially for the photographer and visual creatives, it is the leader in shared video content and it will not surrender this position any time soon. As such it’s best to know your way around and use it to your best business advantage, so here are some tips on what to do and what not to do on Mr Zuckerberg’s time.

Top 5 things to do

1. Set up your company profile. Much like your own personal page if you have one, but with different parameters as set out by Facebook. As with most things online it will naturally guide you through the steps, but it’s important to explore all the options and not be scared of trying new things – you can always change it if you don’t like it.

2. Invite your friends. As we’ve discussed before on our blog, social media is all about conversation and word-of-mouth will spread your business across the channels. If your friends and family like your page, the more it will get seen by friends of theirs’ and so on.

3. Network and promote your page. This sounds obvious but simple things like encouraging your biggest fans (i.e. your friends or existing clients) to post about your company page or services, or link to your photos, is an easy win. Similarly, let people know by email, via your newsletter or on your blog that you now have a Facebook page will help gain more followers and extend your reach.

4. Join the conversation on other pages. Whilst you may look at this as highjacking other people’s pages and feeds, it is accepted practice to comment on relevant conversations on other pages promoting what you do. As with networking in any other environment, write cordially and don’t be too direct.

5. Try advertising. This is worth experimenting with, inexpensively if need be to begin with, you can set a budget of a few pounds per day to start with to dip your toe in the water to assess its effectiveness.

Top 5 things not to do

1. Neglect your page. You’ve set it up and then you don’t use it. It’s like putting on suncream and staying inside. If potential clients visit your unloved page they will have the same impression of your business. Keep it updated and add fresh content.

2. Ignore requests and idle conversation points. Facebook is a conversation point for everyone and a great tool for engaging with your customers. They will get to know you and trust you, or quickly move on if you ignore them.

3. Use third party apps. They only really want access to your contacts.

4. Be boring. The fastest way to lose fans or have people ignore your posts is to be boring or state the obvious. Be inventive, timely and fun.  Experiment to see what gets traction.

5. Check how you look. Ask friends to rummage through your info or check you profile picture. Company logos are often badly sized and information sections not completed correctly – this is your business and it needs to look good.