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Why Should We Still Print Photos?

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Elsa under Sales and Marketing

If you were to lose your phone tomorrow, how many photographs would be gone forever?

We’re told that we are living in a digital age, that we have every piece of knowledge, software and artwork known to man at our fingertips yet we could still become the lost generation. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us keep our lives locked up in our phones, computers, tablets and hard drives but rarely in albums and frames. Personally, I think this is something we should all work to change. There are so many valid reasons to stay slightly old school in these modern times, however, we’ve chosen our top three to show how printing should still be respected today. Hopefully it will inspire you to send your own photos off to the printers as well as offer the choice to your customers…

photos retouch

number-1-playfair   Not everyone is a computer lover

You don’t need a URL, a username and password or certain updates to view prints, you can just connect with everyone. Prints can be appreciated by friends abroad, relatives without the tech or those who just don’t get it, it the universal software!

number-2-playfair   Prints are tangible

It’s easy to think “I don’t have time” or “I can’t be bothered” when we’re met with download instructions, password boxes and a hundred different types of files. However, having a print in your hands brings the moment to life. Whether in an album, on the wall or just stick it to the fridge, a print allows us to remember that special day or person without the need of a manual.

number-3-playfair   The medium that never goes out of style.

We’ve all had that “I have a tape but no player” problem and it may be hard to accept that one day, the modern technology we know and love will go out of fashion. By having prints we can view those special images forever. Let’s be honest, all of us have probably seen a 1940s  photograph more recently than our wedding VIDEOS!


In order to prove that we practice what we preach we wanted to tell you how you can easily order prints from your collections. In EVERY account you have a trade button. This allows you to buy from your collections at trade from any of our partner labs!

To use the trade button:

  • Go into any collection.
  • Scroll to the collection toolbar.
  • Click “trade”.

For more information go to Help and Support and search “trade”.

So don’t just download; print the photo, use some fun filters, buy a crazy frame. It will be so worth it when you can see it every day and know that even if your computer dies or you drop your phone in the sea, those special moments will be with you forever. 🙂


[question]When did you last have a photo printed just for you? [/question]