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Stock Changes

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Elsa under Coffee Break, New and Improved Features, Theimagefile

We have made some changes to theimagefile stock library. As has been long planned, following many requests from photographers, we are really excited that this image sales area is getting a makeover, opening new features and sales opportunities for the creator. The images will always be indexed by Search Engines as part of your own website, giving you better search engine optimisation without risk of duplicate content penalties. Soon stock sales will be available in the Events and Galleries collections, giving the benefit of print and product sales, with pricing and fulfillment options managed by you, as well as the licensing options already available all in one place.  You will be in control of which images have which sales options.

In preparation, some changes have started to be implemented:

The Lightbox feature has been deprecated.  This feature was becoming a source of spam email, and no longer being used for the intended purpose. With the new planned functionality the “show someone” option will be better suited.

We have removed the “RSS” feeds in the stock library. This was once a great feature and SEO tie-in from many years ago, but social media and blogging are easier to set up and use, as well as a more reliable alternative.

Finally, for this update, you can now change the license type you wish to sell images without the need to confirm your changes on each file.  They are your photos and you can sell as you wish.

More updates will be posted on the changes shortly.