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Selling online

Selling Online

Selling online can no longer be ignored. The relentless march of the Internet continues unabated and digital methods have disrupted virtually every industry and market. The online path to selling your photography and services is no different. Basic rules still apply and the checklist of how to represent yourself remains true. Fundamentally you won’t survive long-term unless you offer customer the ability to buy from your web site.


16 Steps To A Better Blog


If you already have a blog then you will know about the benefits of blogging for business (if you haven’t then here is why you should). It’s a great marketing and promotion tool as well as a fantastic platform to show off your personality to clients. However many people, with or without a blog, feel that the actual growing of their blog is a long, daunting task that’s going to take forever. There are so many little things you can do each and every day to improve your blog. I’ve created 16 steps that you can do any day you get a chance to create a better blog.


How To Show You Are An Expert, Without Looking Like A Narcissist

How To Show You Are An Expert, Without Looking Like A Narcissist

When you’ve worked within an industry for a significant amount of time, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two. These little gems of knowledge and information are most likely worth sharing with others either in a similar situation as yourself, those just starting out in your industry or with your customer base. However a lot of people are put off sharing their knowledge with others because they feel like they sound narcissistic. So here are a few ways to show that you are an expert within your niche, without sounding big-headed!


16 Things To Do Before And After You Hit Publish

16 Things To Do Before And After Hitting Publish

For those of you who have a blog, you will know that crafting a post is no joke. It involves a lot of time, thought and effort. Sometimes all this effort can feel like it’s going to waste because the post doesn’t get as much engagement as you were hoping for, or you completely forget to tell anyone that you wrote it! So here are 16 things to do before and after every blog post.


Marketing output

Marketing Output

If you have a good grasp and understanding of marketing or advertising, there is one word that has dominated debate for the last few years: CONTENT. It continues to dominate because the advance of digital communication means that there are now a multitude of ways and times to reach the consumer. This demands myriad forms of content and stories to tie it all together and should reflect your marketing output.

Luckily, as a photographer, your very output is content. Photographs, images, videos are content to be shared, discussed and pored over. You have the means by which to communicate your business and skills ready to go. So how best to do this?


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