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Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. Am I mad? It’s only April. Christmas and other seasonal events do come around so quickly. Easter. Wedding anniversaries of clients. Birthday’s, etc. Why does there never seem to be enough time to effectively take advantage of these prime periods? It’s down to our planning, or lack of it, in most instances.


5 Ways To Network When You’re An Introvert

For those of us classed as “introverts”, networking is a time filled with avoiding eye contact, pretending to look for someone vacantly in the middle distance, busing yourself on your phone or getting drinks as well as making multiple trips to the loo. It can seem excruciating at the time, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are a few simple ways to make networking as an introvert easier.


7 Ways Email Marketing Can Bring Success To Your Photography Business

This article is written and provided by Freddie Tubbs. Freddie Tubbs is an email marketing professional at Australian Help. He is writing Academized study blog and is a guest writer at the Atlantic and Bigassignments blog. We’re thrilled to share his email marketing advice for photography business. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge with us! 

Running a photography business is hard work. On top of being a photographer, you’re also a website operator, a manager, an accountant, a customer service advisor, a social media manager and, of course, a marketer.

If you’re trying to get your business out there in front of the masses to secure sales, you may have heard of email marketing, but how often do you use it to promote your business and connect with your customers?

Today, we’re going to explore seven key ways you can use email marketing to your advantage, helping you to promote your photography business effortlessly.


Sales techniques

Sales techniques have been transformed in the digital age. They’ve changed the fabric of almost every facet of life and the way we operate our systems of work and business. That does not mean that we should change the way we sell, generate business or communicate with prospects.  The mechanism may have changed but the old tactics to generate a sale or finding a client are tried and trusted. The availability of information online simply speeds up the process.

It also speeds up everything else. Customers have access to huge amounts of research and pricing information. So, it makes your job harder in order to simply stand out. It also implies that you cannot inflate pricing unnecessarily in respect of your competition, without good reason of course. It provides an almost level playing ground for products that everyone can offer. Being creative is the key factor.


Why You Should Build A Business Community

There is often an independent streak that runs through the self-employed. There is a feeling that you have to do everything by yourself – make all the tough decisions, deal with all the challenges and keep the motivation flowing. Not only is this stressful and at times overwhelming, but also can be very lonely. After all, human beings are social creatures and we tend to function at our best when surrounded by like-minded people who inspire, motivate and support us. Being a part of a business community is just that – a place of like-minded people in the same industry that can help you grow not just in your business, but also on a personal level. 


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