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Setting business objectives

Setting Business Objectives

Setting objectives might not be top of the agenda for a photographer, but the reality of making a business work demands consistent and thought-through planning. In amongst the years studying and practising the finer points of photography, the now-second nature elements of setting up a shot, getting the best light and selecting the right exposure do not differ a great deal from getting the fundamental business objectives in place.

Once learned, these foundations of good business practice will ensure a much smoother passage in the long run and enable your creative business to operate free of a bureaucratic straight jacket.


Should You Share Your Business Secrets?

Should you share your business secrets

It’s natural that in the competitive photographic industry you want to hoard away your secrets and strategies that made you successful. You probably feel that sharing your secrets means that others in the industry will learn your tactics and potentially rob you of business. However withholding your secrets might be hindering you from major business opportunities and the chance to boost your company.


Investing in the business

Investing in the business

Investing in the business is a key skill, timing this investment is important too. There is the train of thought that when you start a business like photography services, you need the best camera gear, latest editing software, high spec studio and the best materials. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to purchase all these things and not suffer the long-term pain of debt, happy days! However most wannabe photographers are not in this position.

Investing in your business means many things and not just equipment

If photography is truly your passion and establishing yourself in this world as a respected source of skills, then building your business slowly and methodically whilst learning from and assisting others more established and experienced than you is the way forward.


Building the business – part two

Building the business part 2

Building the business – part two follows neatly on from, yes, you’ve guessed it Building the business – part one.

So you’ve survived year one and your business is just about profitable. You’ve got a part-time assistant who mucks in with everything and helps out with shoots on location. The finance company you outsourced your invoicing and accounts to have nearly caught up on the backlog of outstanding invoices, and the tax issues have been dealt with.

The studio you’re renting is full to bursting with four desks, a hired large-scale printer, a vintage studio camera you thought would make good as a piece of interest, your dog and a drawers full of materials and half-used items.


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