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Moodboard: August

August is the pinnacle of summertime. The time when vivid colours, hot weather and the term “summer holidays” come into their own. 

Many of us will be off to far off destinations to spend time in the sun, days in the sand and evenings cooling off in the pool. It’s a time when long, balmy days are spent catching up with friends, exploring newfound places and even having a sneaky ice cream (or ten!). Light, floaty summerwear is a must if you intend to survive the heat, plus pastel sorbet colours and exotic florals are on huge display!

What is your favourite part of August?



New Valentine’s Day Page Sets 2017!

It’s hard to believe but February is only a couple of weeks away. This means that Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us at speed so it’s time to get promoting. 

We’ve created some Valentine’s Day page sets to give you some inspiration for what you could be offering your clients. You can easily download the Valentine’s Day page set into your website here. This is a really great tool for increasing sales at this quieter time of year and for boosting your search engine optimisation. We have created a portrait offer, as an example, however you can of course customise the images and text to better suit your business and customer base. Other offer ideas might include a boudoir session, engagement or anniversary shoot, pet portraits or a family photo session. 


3 Things To Do For Your Business Before The Year Ends

It’s hard to believe but the end of 2016 is only three weeks away! Before Christmas whisks us off we wanted to share a few things you could do for your business before the year ends.  Even though December is a busy time for many of us, it’s important to prepare a little for what’s to come. After all, it’s so nice to end the year on a high note, and start the next one with a clean slate.


New Payment Option Feature!


We have a a new payment option! This feature will make charging your clients and receiving funds supremely easy. The new payment option allows you to create a payment link which can then be sent to your client via a customised email.

All you have to do is input the payment information – what the payment is for, the amount owed and any admin notes (which are kept hidden from the customer). Once this information has been submitted a payment link is generated which links to your default payment option (for example your PayPal account). Once you click the link a customised email will open, in a separate window, in your email account. Just enter the customer’s email address and hit “send”. 

The customer can then click on the link to make the payment. Once the payment has been made you will receive a notification by email. The payment will also be recorded in your sales history. It really is as simple as that! 

To use the new feature; login to your account on theimagefile and go to My Sales > Payment Request. 

The Ultimate Christmas Checklist For Your Business


There are only seven Fridays left before Christmas…terrifying, I know! Christmas is a hectic time of year, even for the list-aholics amongst us. It can be tricky to keep track of customer orders and enquiries, as well as all the jobs we need to do for our own festive plans. 

Want to do some planning before things get too busy? Use this checklist as a starting point. The list covers many of the big and little things you can do to get ready for the additional orders that this time of year can bring. Print it out or note the main points down if you are a lover of the traditional pen and paper method or you can even pin it to keep it on hand! Now is the time to start preparing your business for Christmas – one seasonal task at a time. 


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