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16 Steps To A Better Blog


If you already have a blog then you will know about the benefits of blogging for business (if you haven’t then here is why you should). It’s a great marketing and promotion tool as well as a fantastic platform to show off your personality to clients. However many people, with or without a blog, feel that the actual growing of their blog is a long, daunting task that’s going to take forever. There are so many little things you can do each and every day to improve your blog. I’ve created 16 steps that you can do any day you get a chance to create a better blog.


Why a Day Off Can Be Great For Your Business

Why Taking A Day Off Can Be Great For Your Business

The summer months are a busy time for all of us; it’s wedding season, the schools are about to break up and many of us are going to take some well-earned r ‘n’ r.  This tends to mean that many of us are working “nose to the grind stone”, however you might find that a day off can be just as beneficial for your business as a fully packed schedule.


5 Ways To Improve Client Communication

5 Ways To Improve Client Communication

In my opinion, client homework is one of the main foundation blocks to creating a great client relationship and keeping your process running smoothly. Whenever client homework is mentioned one question is inevitably going to pop up; “how do you get your clients to do the homework and deliver the information on time?”

Well, it’s all about communication. Poor communication can lead to ruined timelines and client relationships and leave a sour-tasting client experience overall. However with great communication you can have your business constantly ticking over in the background all while keeping your clients happy. What’s not to like about that?

So here are five ways you can improve your client communication and get your clients to deliver their homework on time. Let’s go!


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