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5 Quick SEO Tips To Boost Your Business!

5 Quick SEO Tips

It’s almost the weekend and I know that we’re all very busy with everything that summer has to offer. For this reason, I thought I’d do a really short blog post just covering 5 quick tips to help you boost your search engine optimisation and therefore help grow your business. You never know, you might be able to get a couple done over the weekend!


Marketing output

Marketing Output

If you have a good grasp and understanding of marketing or advertising, there is one word that has dominated debate for the last few years: CONTENT. It continues to dominate because the advance of digital communication means that there are now a multitude of ways and times to reach the consumer. This demands myriad forms of content and stories to tie it all together and should reflect your marketing output.

Luckily, as a photographer, your very output is content. Photographs, images, videos are content to be shared, discussed and pored over. You have the means by which to communicate your business and skills ready to go. So how best to do this?


Blurred lines: Content versus advertising

Marketing bods have been falling over themselves to find the answer to this modern communication matrix, how does one treat content versus advertising. Advertising works in some places, but not others. Content marketing (done well) looks all fine and sexy, consumers supposedly hooked to the storyline and keen to loosen their spending belts as a result.

The reality is that the 24/7 market that digital has enabled makes the world of attracting your consumer a more complex task, ensuring you will have to run twice as fast to reach the same point a few years ago. Part of this is because the market is far more crowded, faster broadband speeds giving everyone a platform to do business on their own terms.

Why are we telling you this? Something you probably already suspect or know? Because its important to understand the complexity, to reach the conclusion of simplicity. We’ve touched on this before: simple communication, in whatever form, is the safest and easiest route for any business. Apple is the premium example. This is content marketing and advertising in one hit. Immediately you’re following a narrative based on you and me, and the potential we have of shooting amazing pictures in our own backyard.




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