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Why Did My Pants Cost £45?

Why did my pants cost £45

This is what happened – I was buying pants and it cost me £45. The underwear itself actually came to £10 however I, like many others out there, got sucked into the loyalty scheme/free shipping offer. The offer said that orders over £40 had free shipping, so what did I do? I bought more than I needed, spent £35 more than I intended and “saved” the grand total of £4.99.


Price Plan Discounts Update


Two small updates on the price plans discounts.  We know that using price plan discounts increases your photo print and product sales, which is why you might have a number of different sales incentives within each of your price plans. Previously we would display all discounts expanded on the page, however with many discounts or if using promo codes, this page could get very long. So now, we have the “show details” / “hide details” option on each discount. This is automatically used if there are more than 3 discounts, or if 2 separate discounts both have promo codes. All discounts are collapsed when you first load the page. This means you can focus on a single discount at a time.


 And another one….

There is also a new addition to the “Expiration” options of the discounts.  Now you can make discounts inactive, rather than deleting a discount.  This is a  great time saver if you plan to reintroduce a discount at a later time or if you wanted to disable a discount while other special offers were available.


Happy Selling!



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