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8 Powerful Communication Tools For The Small Business


This article is written and provided by customer support and content manager for TextMagic – Alexa Lemzy. We’re thrilled to share her eight powerful communication tools for the small business. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge with us! 

Studies show that, with today’s technology, collaboration from a distance can be nearly as effective as face-to-face communication. Additionally, the number of virtual workers is steadily increasing across the globe. If you’re not already sharing your workload with someone in another office, another town, or another hemisphere, you will be soon. It’s time to learn how to leverage technology to make the most of your work experience.

Even if you’re not working within a virtual team, modern communication tools can make your current small business projects more productive. Here is a list of cutting-edge internal communication tools to help you collaborate more effectively at work, starting today.


16 Things To Do Before And After You Hit Publish

16 Things To Do Before And After Hitting Publish

For those of you who have a blog, you will know that crafting a post is no joke. It involves a lot of time, thought and effort. Sometimes all this effort can feel like it’s going to waste because the post doesn’t get as much engagement as you were hoping for, or you completely forget to tell anyone that you wrote it! So here are 16 things to do before and after every blog post.


4 Ways To Avoid Social Media Burnout

4 ways to avoid social media burnout

As a small business owner we wear many hats – from photography and editing to networking and account keeping, right down to website maintenance and blog presence. Not to mention being on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn… oh and don’t forget Pinterest. Managing multiple social media platforms is hard work and I completely understand and relate to that overwhelming feeling. So here are four ways to avoid social media burnout.


Important Announcement For Java Uploader Users!

Earlier this year Google announced that Chrome Version 42 would disable the NPAPI but leave an option to re-enable it. However, Google has now announced that from September 2015 they will be completely disabling NPAPI within Chrome.

The NPAPI is the architecture that the Oracle Java Plugin relies upon. This plugin is required by Java Applets. This means that from September 2015 the Java uploader will no longer work within Chrome.

If you want to continue using the Java uploader you will need to use another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. More information on this can be found here

Thankfully, if you want to carry on using Chrome there are other ways of uploading files; My Images > Collection and File Defaults > File Uploads (the html 5 uploader is the most popular and the most updated).



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