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Moodboard: September Engagements

September engagements are wonderful. The first chill is in the air but the lasting light is still holding on. 

This is the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors. The trees look so beautiful at this time of year, not to mention that you still have the golden hour, dappled sunlight and sunsets to play with and the occasional fallen leaf!

We also love the change from summer dresses and t-shirts to jeans, boots and button-down shirts. It gives such a lovely autumn feel to the images and really gives you that sense that the months are changing. 


Moodboard: August Family

August is the perfect time to schedule a family photo shoot. The weather is gorgeous, the days are long and the sun is shining. 

In our opinion, there is nothing better than capturing those precious moments of children running wild before it’s time to go back to school. It’s a special time of the year with beautiful, golden natural light and lush greenery. 

You could suggest that the family get outside to a local park or rural area for some beautiful portraits that completely embody the great British summer. Perhaps you have a favourite book or film that could be recreated? “Peter Pan with the lost boys”, “Famous Five” or even “We’re All Going On A Bear Hunt?” 

Alternatively, if you live near the coast then you could capture some really stunning summertime portraits. Perhaps building sand castles, paddling in the sea, playing tag with siblings (or a pet) or just having sandy cuddles?


Moodboard: August

August is the pinnacle of summertime. The time when vivid colours, hot weather and the term “summer holidays” come into their own. 

Many of us will be off to far off destinations to spend time in the sun, days in the sand and evenings cooling off in the pool. It’s a time when long, balmy days are spent catching up with friends, exploring newfound places and even having a sneaky ice cream (or ten!). Light, floaty summerwear is a must if you intend to survive the heat, plus pastel sorbet colours and exotic florals are on huge display!

What is your favourite part of August?



Moodboard: July

July is a wonderful time of year. As a child, it is a month full of promise and the chance for adventures over the summer holidays. The opportunity to get outdoors and play in the sunshine and fresh air. As an adult, July holds the expectation of summer trips and the prospect of relaxing on long, balmy summer evenings. 

Fresh summer foods start making their way into our kitchens and on to our plates. Who doesn’t love a cool, crisp salad or a sweet, juicy strawberry? They are the very taste of summertime. The seaside is another indication that July is here. Even if the sea is still a little nippy, you will see many of us venturing in to have a paddle, straw sun hat in tow. 

These are just some of our favourite July moments. What are yours?


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