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Why You Need Set Yourself Office Hours

why you need to set yourself office hours

One of the best parts of running your own business is that you get to set yourself office hours. This is great as it means you can knuckle down when it works for you rather than forcing yourself to concentrate just because you’re in a 9-5 job. However it also means that it’s very easy to fall into the habit of working when you have to and only when you have to, or never actually stopping work because you are always there. Neither are best practice – so here’s an overview of why you should set yourself work hours and the best ways to stick to them. Let’s go!


6 Ways To Recharge Your Batteries (Even At Your Desk!)

6 ways to recharge your batteries

Running your own business is a very time consuming, full on and often stressful process. It’s rare to find a moment when there is nothing to be done, there are no deadlines looming and no expectations to live up to. When a moment like this does arise we tend to react in one of two ways.

For some, time off can be a source of anxiety – what if someone needs me? Everyone else is working, so shouldn’t I? What if my whole business crashes and burns in the next ten minutes? This is quite a common reaction and is hardly surprising as we live within a culture that romanticises the idea of being ‘busy’. We enjoy the idea of important meetings, briefcases, deadlines, climbing the corporate ladder, and juggling various aspects of our lives. On one hand we dread being stressed, while on the other we gauge our level of success by how stressed we feel.

Equally, for others any time off is considered something to feel guilty over and so every moment of downtime is filled with various events – from sports activities to social engagements to spending time with friends and family to taking the kids on a day out. These events are lovely in moderation, but constantly are more exhausting than relaxing.

So if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy taking time off because you end up feeling guilty then here are a few simple ideas that you can do in less than 20 minutes or simply at your desk!


5 Ways To Make Yourself More Productive

As a business owner, you are responsible for every aspect of your company – from taking the photographs, to editing, to accounting, to providing first class customer service. But in reality you’re not only a business owner – you might also be a parent, partner or pet owner and have numerous commitments and priorities away from the camera. We all know that in order to make ends meet we need to make the most of the hours in the day and pour as much of ourselves into our business as possible. But if we’re busy doing all of that, how do we make time for the other things in our lives? Well here are five ways to boost your productivity so that you get the most out of your working hours and can really enjoy your time off!


Focus On: Becky Kerr!

Focus_on becky kerr

If you love classic, sophisticated, down-right beautiful weddings, then you’re going to love Becky Kerr. Soon after graduating from Manchester University with a degree in photography Becky worked for numerous magazines in London as a photo editor and graphic designer. After starting a young family she decided that it was time to get behind the camera herself and moved into wedding photography. Her experience within magazines gives her images a stunning editorial feel and much of her own work has been featured in many notable publications. Get ready for a proper treat with the lovely Becky Kerr!


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