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New Mother’s Day Social Media Downloads!

We recently released our Mother’s Day page sets and to help you market your new offers and discounts, but we have also created some Mother’s Day social media downloads. This is a fantastic way of marketing yourself on social media, therefore increasing your reach.


Social media in 2017

Social media in 2017 has changed quite dramatically, as we have all witnessed a changing of the guard. A period when media has driven opinion to choose the most unlikely world leader, and most of that media was consumed online. Facebook is widely held responsible, along with Google, for the availability of certain news versus the other, perhaps more pertinent news.


The Importance of a Brand Audit

Think of your brand as a living, breathing thing. It has a personality and characteristics which are completely unique to itself. Over time, you can watch your brand grow and guide it to achieve its full potential. However, if your brand begins to deviate from that path, then your business could start to suffer. 

Your branding is fundamental to the success of your business. It defines your business’ identity and dictates your message to your customers. If your brand fails to respond to new factors, such as new products or an increase in customers, then it can cost you loyal clients or potentially prevent you finding new ones. 

A brand audit can prevent this deterioration by analysing your current position and content and providing new insights for you to work with in the future. 


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