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Marketing for photographers

Social media: Voice and identity

Perhaps the greatest element of social media for business is the ability to have conversations with your potential customer and other businesses. Much like a physical store, although you can’t really leave your shop when its open! Establishing your voice goes hand-in-hand with your identity online, and it’s important to understand you may not get this right the first time, or even tenth time of trying. it’s a learning curve you will go through.


Marketing: PR and editorial

Gaining positive editorial coverage is the holy grail of PR – it’s both free and sometimes unsolicited, an unbiased review which has a guaranteed readership you are unlikely to reach without plenty of effort and time. In two words, free advertising. Starting out and depending on your market, local media titles are your best chance at gaining this kind of coverage.


Sales: Converting leads into business

You’ve paraded your wares, potential customers are looking admiringly and interest is being registered. So what next? Don’t think for one minute that potential customers are not looking at other service providers and their costs, location, friend’s recommendation, etc. It is vital to provide as many reasons for them to choose to go with you and to also do it in a timely fashion. Warm leads, like your dinner, only stay warm for a finite period of time. Get it while its hot! A cheap turn of phrase but very apt. Converting leads into business is a key skill you will need to master if you are to become a successful photographer, so you will need to be, fundamentally, a sales person as well as a photographer too. (more…)

Marketing: Customer service

The blurred lines with sales are unavoidable and today’s marketing function in all business has a large ROI (return on investment) price tag attached to it. It is pointless creating a wonderful shop front if there is no incentive or even footfall to pass it by. As with most things, simple communication is often the most effective. The way you communicate with your customer from the first potential business conversation to the last chat you have with them about their friend who might need your services is all-important. It defines you and your service.


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