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Setting business objectives

Setting Business Objectives

Setting objectives might not be top of the agenda for a photographer, but the reality of making a business work demands consistent and thought-through planning. In amongst the years studying and practising the finer points of photography, the now-second nature elements of setting up a shot, getting the best light and selecting the right exposure do not differ a great deal from getting the fundamental business objectives in place.

Once learned, these foundations of good business practice will ensure a much smoother passage in the long run and enable your creative business to operate free of a bureaucratic straight jacket.


How To Humanise Your Business In Four Easy Steps

How To Humanise Your Blog In Four Easy Step

When you run a small business it’s easy to think that detaching yourself from clients will make you appear professional. However it’s important to remember that being a small business you are more able to provide a bespoke service to your clients. This gives you an advantage over the Goliath’s of the business world. One of the easiest ways to provide a tailor-made experience for your customers is to humanise your business as much as possible.


Spending Less And Charging More

How To Spend Less But Charge More

Spending less and charging more is what we all would like to do. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. However this is too simple a quote, as it is probably fairer to say that ‘if a close eye is not kept on matters, then the margins in place to make your business some profit, gradually reduce’.

Suppliers can incrementally or inadvertently charge more, or you can feel the need to buy more expensive kit because of market fashions. Relationships with customers can get cosy and you gradually offer them friendlier prices.

Whatever the reasons it’s important to regularly review contracts with suppliers and the pricing on your products. The prices you offered in the first place will need to reflect the existing costs your business entail.


Building the business – part two

Building the business part 2

Building the business – part two follows neatly on from, yes, you’ve guessed it Building the business – part one.

So you’ve survived year one and your business is just about profitable. You’ve got a part-time assistant who mucks in with everything and helps out with shoots on location. The finance company you outsourced your invoicing and accounts to have nearly caught up on the backlog of outstanding invoices, and the tax issues have been dealt with.

The studio you’re renting is full to bursting with four desks, a hired large-scale printer, a vintage studio camera you thought would make good as a piece of interest, your dog and a drawers full of materials and half-used items.


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