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New Font Awesome Feature


Font Awesome provide lovely classic icons that can be added simply and effectively to your web pages. There are hundreds available from social media icons to activity icons to workflow icons and all have a seamless, classic design that would suit any industry, style or audience.

It’s really easy to add Font Awesome to your web pages in the text editor area, check out our help article or watch the tutorial!

New Feature: Simple Button!

We are really excited to announce the new simple button feature! The simple button is basically a way of adding a call-to-action button to your website. This is a really easy thing to do and a great way of encouraging clients to follow through with a certain action.

To set up the simple button feature;

  1. Go to My Websites > Pages > Edit Web Pages and click to edit a web page.
  2. Within the text editor place your cursor where you want your button to be shown.
  3. Click the simple button icon.
  4. Edit the button properties (this is talked about in more detail in the video tutorial).
  5. Save all.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your call-to-action button then here are some of the most common ones; “shop now”, “contact us”, “book now”, “watch video”, “join now”, “buy now”, “learn more”, “start now” and “book now and save”.

For more detail check out our help article or watch the tutorial video!


New Father’s Day Banners!

New Father's Day Banners

We hope you are enjoying the new Father’s Day page sets and that you feel fully prepared for the increase in bookings and sales heading your way. Today we are also releasing our new Father’s Day email banner and social media banner, as well as a few helpful tips and tricks to boost your marketing even more.


Making Tables Mobile Friendly

Our developers have been working hard to make tables on your website more mobile friendly. So now all you have to do is click to edit the web page that’s hosting the table. Within the text editor, right click the table and select ‘Table Properties’. In the properties dialogue box that opens, click the ‘Advanced’ tab at the top. Paste into the ‘Stylesheet Classes’ field: tx1_stack_if_mobile


Click OK and save the page.

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