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New Father’s Day Banners!

New Father's Day Banners

We hope you are enjoying the new Father’s Day page sets and that you feel fully prepared for the increase in bookings and sales heading your way. Today we are also releasing our new Father’s Day email banner and social media banner, as well as a few helpful tips and tricks to boost your marketing even more.


Making Tables Mobile Friendly

Our developers have been working hard to make tables on your website more mobile friendly. So now all you have to do is click to edit the web page that’s hosting the table. Within the text editor, right click the table and select ‘Table Properties’. In the properties dialogue box that opens, click the ‘Advanced’ tab at the top. Paste into the ‘Stylesheet Classes’ field: tx1_stack_if_mobile


Click OK and save the page.

A Beautiful Way to Showcase your Portfolio


Our developers have been working hard on updating and improving the scrolling folio page. There are some big changes that have been implemented which will make the page more beautiful for your site visitor on desktop and mobile devices. It’s great for all portfolios especially fine art because of it’s natural panoramic aspect ratio. Of course the page still contains a text editor both above and below the images.You can now:

  • Optionally show images in a randomised order. This means that your clients get to see new images every time the page loads.
  • No restriction on number of images.
  • You can vary padding between images.
  • Make images auto-advance creating a smooth scrolling slideshow. A visitor can now watch the slideshow without intervention. However still have control by using the left and right arrows to advance/return an image or alternatively use the scroll bar below the folio to scroll through all the images very quickly.
  • You have the option to display the slideshow arrows.
  • Images can be clicked to go through to purchase options.

Click here to find out more about the new scrolling folio page.

Add a logo to your mobile website

By default we keep the mobile friendly mode as lean and fast as possible and as a result of that the Google friendly search results have been fantastic. This was following on from the huge changes in mobile friendly search results that Google announced last year.

logo on mobile friendly photographers websiteThings have changed slightly and we have now introduced a new “Mobile Header Image” so your logo can be shown atop the mobile view.

It is completely optional and we display your site title at the top anyway but if you want to include it, go to My Websites > Customise Design > Site Header, scroll to “Mobile Header Image”, and upload a png or jpg file. it will be resized to fit the mobile browser, select the alignment you want from the options and Save All.   Easy!

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