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Posted on October 9, 2017 by Rich under Business, Sales and Marketing

Newsletters drop into my inbox far too frequently. Many go unread, but there are few which I always read – either right away, or I store in a safe place for reading later. The word on the marketing street for the last few years has been content, content and more content. This is a catch-all […]

Selling online

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Rich under Business, Sales and Marketing

Selling online can no longer be ignored. The relentless march of the Internet continues unabated and digital methods have disrupted virtually every industry and market. The online path to selling your photography and services is no different. Basic rules still apply and the checklist of how to represent yourself remains true. Fundamentally you won’t survive […]


Posted on August 29, 2016 by Rich under Business, Sales and Marketing

Discounting, ah, good old discounting! On the face of it, such a simple concept but it is amazing how poorly it can be used. And what a negative knock-on effect this has on your business. Discounting done right is powerful. The respect for your way of doing business will grow and word will spread. It […]

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