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Congratulations to Paul Hindmarsh!

We’re thrilled to congratulate professional family, child and pet photographer Paul Hindmarsh for receiving his Associate qualification from the MPA! It’s a well-deserved achievement with some fantastic images.


Brand Audit: Visual Identity

This is the first time we have talked about visuals and design in this brand audit series. This is for a reason. Until you have completed steps 1-6, you really shouldn’t by worrying about how your brand looks. Usually, the majority of us would have thought of the word “audit” and immediately started on the visual side of their business. However, this approach means that you could be missing out on the hidden potential of your brand identity. 


Improved Options for Slideshow with 6 Fixed Images

An update has been added to the Slideshow with 6 fixed images page adding additional page layout options.  Previously there were four configurations of the layout order for the page components: slideshow, text area and two rows of fixed images.  Those layout options have now been increased to twelve, so you have complete control over every configuration possible.

The additional options mean that the selection interface has also changed to make it really clear what order you have selected, with simple up and down arrows to move the components before you save.

Below are just a few examples:




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