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Improved Options for Slideshow with 6 Fixed Images

An update has been added to the Slideshow with 6 fixed images page adding additional page layout options.  Previously there were four configurations of the layout order for the page components: slideshow, text area and two rows of fixed images.  Those layout options have now been increased to twelve, so you have complete control over every configuration possible.

The additional options mean that the selection interface has also changed to make it really clear what order you have selected, with simple up and down arrows to move the components before you save.

Below are just a few examples:




New year, new plans

New year, new plans. It is easy to be negatively critical of your business. Sales and general performance are key indicators. Being critical is healthy and what needs to happen to stay lean and progressive. Equally important is to recognise the good things that happen as well. What’s really working well, irrelevant if they directly affect your profit or not.

As with the rest of life, the end of the year and the start of a new one presents everyone with a chance to assess all that has gone before. Streamline some of it and place some goals in front of themselves. If you can prioritise some time to do this each year, no matter how busy you may be, it will prove to be a very useful exercise.

Maintaining the positive outlook from your early days is perhaps the hardest thing to do when faced with many small, mundane business challenges.


Managing Your Business Income

Managing Your Business Income

When it comes to managing your business, income can be a tricky thing to master. Some of you may have heard others make comments such as “I keep everything in my business account and then when I need to pay for something, like my mortgage, I transfer the money.” Or perhaps; “I just booked a wedding, so there’s another deposit I can use this month.” 

There are two problems with these statements:

  1. Your “Business” and “Personal” earnings should be kept separate.
  2. Deposits are for future events. Not income…yet!

Here are two tips to solve these two issues.


Focus On….Peter Barlow!


Peter Barlow, a portrait photographer based in Cumbria, has been working in the photographic industry for over twenty years. A master of boosting business with social media and an expert in his field, he has built up a reputation for taking distinctive modern portraits and was the proud recipient of the prestigious Kodak Gold Award for professional photography. We hope you enjoy…


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