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Focus On… Fiona Elizabeth Photography!


We would like to introduce you to Fiona Ingvarsson, known as Fiona Elizabeth Photography. Fiona is an award-winning wedding photographer and has been featured in Brides Magazine and Your Surrey Wedding to name but a few and her relaxed and friendly personality combined with her super organizational skills and her desire for excellence makes her a number one on many bride’s lists. Enjoy…


Social media, the rules of engagement!

In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory. – Sun Tzu

Ok, so the above quote is all about war and we’re hardly at war here but the lesson rings true. If we simply go through the motions and deliver the same products and promotions as everyone else, we will move at the same pace. If we can be creative, try to produce some smart content based on how we see ourselves and what our product or service can deliver, then we stand more chance of gaining traction with customers. A surprised person is more likely to change their action of just browsing and actually make a purchase or an enquiry.


Linked Gallery Update!

square linked gallery 2

We’ve recently updated the linked gallery page so that there are now three design options to choose from. This is a great tool to add continuity to your website. These include captions appearing below images, captions appearing in front of images without movement, and overlay text that appears when the mouse hangs over images. Below we have included some examples.


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