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Why Photographers Love Theimagefile!

We always love to know what our customers think of theimagefile system and the service we provide. It’s incredibly important to us that we’re constantly updating, improving and providing you with new and wonderful features which is why feedback is a vital part of our business. We’ve recently received some really lovely comments which we just had to share with you. Thank you all so much for your kind words!

John Kelly Photography

The ease of use! – John Kelly


Print versus digital

Print versus digital is a common dilemma faced by the most people marketing their business. Everyone seems to be chasing their tails trying to evaluate how it all fits together when technology moves so fast. Faster broadband speeds means we’re often looking at a tablet whilst the TV is on, screens competing for our attention. All the while, we pine for simpler, longer periods of time with the paper or a magazine, or even a book.

The question we must ask of our potential customer is,

‘Where do you look when you are considering buying a photographer’s services, personally or on behalf of your company?’



Focus On…Ashley Franklin!


Today we would like to showcase a Derbyshire-based photographer who specialises in commercial, event, wedding and portrait photography (he’s even taken photographs of the Queen!) as well as branching into Photo Art and stock images. He has produced images for everything from calenders to greeting cards to travel brochures as well as being a freelance writer for Derbyshire Life & Countryside. We’re thrilled to introduce the “king of Derbyshire”, Ashley Franklin…


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