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Investing in the business

Investing in the business

Investing in the business is a key skill, timing this investment is important too. There is the train of thought that when you start a business like photography services, you need the best camera gear, latest editing software, high spec studio and the best materials. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to purchase all these things and not suffer the long-term pain of debt, happy days! However most wannabe photographers are not in this position.

Investing in your business means many things and not just equipment

If photography is truly your passion and establishing yourself in this world as a respected source of skills, then building your business slowly and methodically whilst learning from and assisting others more established and experienced than you is the way forward.


October Round Up!

It’s been a great couple of weeks on the blog this October. I hope you found this month’s posts inspiring and feel encouraged to get cracking on certain aspects of your business! If you missed any part of last month then here is a monthly round up of all the best bits from October. Enjoy!



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Do You Give The Right Impression To Your Visitors? (Part 3)

Customer service is an incredibly important part of making your business a success. Regardless of which field of business you are in and whether you are part of a large international company or are self-employed, there are certain (incredibly simple) customer service skills that you need to master. Below we have included a list of specific skills that once mastered, can wow customers on a daily basis.


Let’s Make Some Fireworks!

Tomorrow is Bonfire Night. The one day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to burn a fake man on a giant fire in the middle of your local town. Who wants to miss out on THAT excitement?

Photoshop and Lightroom tips
Bonfire Night Photography


We’ve all pulled together to bring you a couple of useful and fun posts to get you sorted for tomorrow night. Today and tomorrow we’re going to be posting about everything from useful photo and safety tips (so you can really enjoy those fireworks) to food suggestions and maybe even a little peek at what our Team got up to in their spare time. So keep your eyes peeled!


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