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Sales: Converting leads into business

You’ve paraded your wares, potential customers are looking admiringly and interest is being registered. So what next? Don’t think for one minute that potential customers are not looking at other service providers and their costs, location, friend’s recommendation, etc. It is vital to provide as many reasons for them to choose to go with you and to also do it in a timely fashion. Warm leads, like your dinner, only stay warm for a finite period of time. Get it while its hot! A cheap turn of phrase but very apt. Converting leads into business is a key skill you will need to master if you are to become a successful photographer, so you will need to be, fundamentally, a sales person as well as a photographer too. (more…)

Do It For You – Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Do It For You photo competition.

We hope this competition brought back the memories of why you went into this fantastic business. So don’t stop. Do it for you. Do it now. Do it often.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to upload images and vote for their favourites. Below are a small selection of the entries.

Do it for you – Photo Competition


Theimagefile is starting a competition dedicated to taking photos for fun. It doesn’t matter the size, subject or format of the piece as long as you love it. Upload it to our “Do it for you” competition page and have a chance of winning! Do it for you, do it often.



Enter for a chance to win!

Upload your photo…

remember it is one for you, not a job or a commission!

The top five entries will receive a photo mug with their winning image printed on it, additionally the over all winner will receive a £50 voucher to buy more great photo products of their choice.


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