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Moodboard: July

July is a wonderful time of year. As a child, it is a month full of promise and the chance for adventures over the summer holidays. The opportunity to get outdoors and play in the sunshine and fresh air. As an adult, July holds the expectation of summer trips and the prospect of relaxing on long, balmy summer evenings. 

Fresh summer foods start making their way into our kitchens and on to our plates. Who doesn’t love a cool, crisp salad or a sweet, juicy strawberry? They are the very taste of summertime. The seaside is another indication that July is here. Even if the sea is still a little nippy, you will see many of us venturing in to have a paddle, straw sun hat in tow. 

These are just some of our favourite July moments. What are yours?


Graduation & Prom Inspiration

Within the next few weeks, students all over the country will be attending their school proms and be graduating from university. It’s one of the most important and memorable days of a young person’s life and what better way to capture it than with a professional portrait session. Below is a little bit of inspiration on how you could market your prom and graduation offers over the coming weeks. 


Mistakes happen

Mistakes happen, begin brave enough to make them shows character, learning from them shows great business acumen.

You started your business because you wanted to try something new and follow your passion. Now you have got over that first hurdle of actually doing it. The challenge is to take it further and keep the fire burning. The fear of your business failing may have faded but the bigger challenge is to keep is growing. Sustaining it to a level where you can grow in other areas. Mistakes happen, don’t fear failure!

To try something and failing quickly without impacting your business too much is a learned skill.


Photo trends

Photo trends change every year. The lists come out across all industries about what’s hot for the year ahead. Photography is no different. Right now, Kodak is the hottest property in the smartphone market but will this impact the serious photographer? Regardless, it is great to see a much-loved brand finding a contemporary platform to reinvent itself on.


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