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Sales up-skilling and product diversity

sales up-skilling and product diversity

Sales up-skilling and product diversity will drive more business and boost profits. The more sales that happen, the more it becomes clear that building relationships and having some kind of connection, however fleeting, are big factors. Simple things like learning someone’s name and not forgetting it next time around, or following up with a piece of news or link to a website that they find important to their search sound basic things, but are fundamentals to establishing a meaningful connection. It illustrates care and attention and sets you apart from the competition.


Christmas Page Sets!

Much like last year we’ve created some Christmas inspired page sets, showing a selection of Christmas offers, that you can easily download and display on your website. We have made some adjustments to the design so it is even more customisable by you. Also, you can now use the images displayed in the page sets if you wish however, we would of course recommend that you replace them with your own photographs as this would be a better representation of your work and individual style.

Christmas offer 3


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