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It’s Business, It’s Okay To Make Money!

Hello good people! We wanted to have a chat about pricing your services. In the office earlier today we were talking about the dilemma that many small businesses face when it comes to pricing their services – price too low and you can’t make ends meet but price too high and you risk scaring potential clients off. You’re also faced with difficult questions such as will you charge by the hour or per project? Will you require a deposit? And should you put your prices on your site? So we’ve created a super simple pricing formula to help you out in a tough spot.


Marketing Plans: The Beginners Guide

Marketing Plans

Hello friends! We need to talk….we need to talk about marketing plans. I know, I know many of you will have heard of them, read about them even, but I’m willing to bet very few of you have actually written one. It’s okay, you’re not alone. It’s amazing how many businesses think that having no marketing plan is no big deal. But let me tell you people, it is a big deal.

Now marketing plans can look a little intimidating and like a whole lot of work from the outside, but honestly you probably have all the relevant info already. Even so, we’ve been super helpful and written a comprehensive beginner’s guide to what a marketing plan is, why you need one and how to get started. So let’s do this!


Would You Say That To Your Grandma?

There are two main aspects to what is known as “customer service”. The first is giving great customer service by spending time with a client and guiding them on what to purchase. The second is providing assistance and care when customers hit a glitch. Companies that sell luxury items often make first class customer service a priority. However, regardless of your target market, you can still offer the star treatment!


Instagram – dos and don’ts


Instagram is a free and simple way to share your pictures with others. The picture or video, can be customised with filters and creative tools so it’s really easy to use.  You can find people to follow based on things you’re into, and be part of an inspirational community.

Most top photographers have large followings on Instagram, for very good reason.

They are visual communicators and other social mediums just don’t offer the same ease of sharing or love of commenting on images. With a highly shareable platform, and also as part of Facebook, the benefits of showcasing your work are obvious.

Whilst this is all well and good, it’s important to remember that most images are viewed on a mobile device, quite a small screen, and images need to work for that size. There are also some great professional apps out there with tools to enhance and adjust your images, and by showing a mastery of these tools gives you an added cachet.


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