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Would You Say That To Your Grandma?

There are two main aspects to what is known as “customer service”. The first is giving great customer service by spending time with a client and guiding them on what to purchase. The second is providing assistance and care when customers hit a glitch. Companies that sell luxury items often make first class customer service a priority. However, regardless of your target market, you can still offer the star treatment!


How To Avoid An “Abandoned Shopping Cart”

How to avoid an abandonned shopping cart

Hello all! You’re probably guilty of doing this – you add an item to a shopping cart, start the checkout purchase and then back out for some reason. Well you are not alone. According to the Baymard Institute the average online abandonment rate is about 68 percent! Abandoning a shopping cart can happen for many reasons, however a recent study conducted by the website testing provider Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) found that the most common reason for abandoning an online shopping cart was unexpected shipping costs. This can deter 28% of online shoppers from completing their purchase. Another 23% mentioned that they would abandon their cart if it required them to create a new user account while 16% wouldn’t follow through with a purchase if they were just “conducting research” or like me due to appalling mental arithmetic skills use the shopping cart to simply add up a wishlist.


Why Did My Pants Cost £45?

Why did my pants cost £45

This is what happened – I was buying pants and it cost me £45. The underwear itself actually came to £10 however I, like many others out there, got sucked into the loyalty scheme/free shipping offer. The offer said that orders over £40 had free shipping, so what did I do? I bought more than I needed, spent £35 more than I intended and “saved” the grand total of £4.99.


Sales promotions!


Sales promotions – using time and excitement!

We’ve talked plenty about relationships and the benefits of long-term building but what about the street market skills, the flashy sales tactics and short-term wonder? This is just as important to your sales strategy in terms of revenue and it will sometimes lead to strong, long-term clients. The important thing here is recognise those customers needing a quick-fix and those that need more attention to a more established problem or need. It’s easier said than done though.


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