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7 Ways To Create A Buzz Around Your Business

7 Ways To Create A Buzz Around Your Business


With Black Friday tomorrow and Christmas looming many of us are starting to feel the burn when it comes to business. It really is ‘nose to the grind stone’ time and we’ve had a lot of support queries over the past couple of days on how to set up last minute offers, the best ways to create a buzz and how to boost sales over the festive season. So here are seven things you can do over the next twelve months to guarantee success this time next year.


Sales up-skilling and product diversity

sales up-skilling and product diversity

Sales up-skilling and product diversity will drive more business and boost profits. The more sales that happen, the more it becomes clear that building relationships and having some kind of connection, however fleeting, are big factors. Simple things like learning someone’s name and not forgetting it next time around, or following up with a piece of news or link to a website that they find important to their search sound basic things, but are fundamentals to establishing a meaningful connection. It illustrates care and attention and sets you apart from the competition.


12 Ways To Ensure You’re Successful On Black Friday

12 ways to ensure you are successful on black friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are tremendous opportunities for your business to make money. According to TechRadar, Black Friday 2015 is projected to be the biggest day of spending on the Internet – EVER. Running a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign can be overwhelming and stressful. So here are twelve ways to ensure that your business prospers during the Christmas break.


How To Make Your Christmas Gift Guides Stand Out

How to make your christmas gift guide stand out - pinterest

For those of you who don’t know, a ‘gift guide’ is basically a guide or list designed to help your customers choose great products from your business. You may well have seen them produced by companies such as John Lewis, Amazon or small independent gift shops.

You may be thinking, why should I bother creating a Christmas gift guide? Well gift guides have become an increasingly popular marketing tool for both small and big businesses. Gift guides are a smart tool to use during the Christmas period as not only do they make product purchasing easier for clients, but also gives a personalised experience to customers. So here are a few tips to making your Christmas gift guide stand out!


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