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Search Engine Optimisation

Throwback Thursday – Browser Titles!

For this Throwback Thursday we wanted to focus on browser titles – the importance of them and how to make the most of them.


The browser title is the official page title that appears at the top of the browser window, in search results, and in bookmarks. As this is the title used externally, it should fully identify your website. We must stress that the browser title is the most important tag for search engines. It doesn’t take up any screen area so start with a title that clearly identifies your page and your site for visitors, then extend the title using keywords for search engines. Make sure to use keywords that potential clients may search for. For example your home page browser title should include words such as; your company name, what you specialise in e.g. pet photography and the areas that you work within e.g. Chertsey, Addlestone and Thorpe.

Note: You are limited to 60 characters in your browser titles and that includes spaces!

To edit a browser title log in to your account on theimagefile > My Website > Your Site Name > Pages > Edit Web Pages > Select The Page You Wish To Edit > Browser Title.



Becoming A Wedding Photographer?

We have created five fundamental wedding photography web pages which you can easily install into your website. They are aimed specifically at boosting your search engine optimisation and increasing enquiries and sales so definitely worth installing.


The web pages include; advice for your potential clients on how to choose a wedding photographer, why your clients should book an engagement photo shoot with you, what you will do as their wedding photographer and a description of the “after-services” that you provide such as a digital only package, prints and album options. Of course, you can edit these web pages to suit your needs and make them more personalised.


To install these web pages simply log in to your account on theimagefile > My Websites > Pages > Page Sets.


Marketing: Content Marketing

The buzz words in marketing for the last year or two have been ‘social media’ and ‘content marketing’, for good reason. Social media has driven brand conversations between consumers and content marketing has been the currency of that conversation, in the form of images and videos facilitating storytelling.


Scrolling Folio – A great page for portfolios (and SEO)

Large with no spacing

For a super easy display of images on a web page, use the scrolling folio page. Whether it be a portfolio,  event, sample images for a client or even product photos, this  page type has always been great for SEO but also has the benefit of offering sales options from each image if required. Theimagefile has just released some updates to this page type which now makes it even better and easier to use. (more…)

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