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Throwback Thursday – Deleting Unwanted Price Plans!

This Throwback is going to focus on deleting unwanted price plans. Now, deleting your price plans may seem like a daunting process. However deleting those that are now unused or unwanted can save you time and avoid mistakes in the future.

Before you can delete any price plans you would be advised to set your default values. This is a way of saving time and stopping errors later on too. To do this go to My Images > Collection and File Defaults and choose the area you wish to edit. Here you can (e.g.  Events and Galleries):

  • Make sure money is being transferred through the correct channels.
  • Set up your desired fulfilment centre.
  • Set up preferred slideshow music.
  • Change your display mode.
  • Write description text.

default values

To start deleting price plans go to My Sales > Price Plans > Manage Price Plans  As you can see in the example below the only price plans my collections are using are “High: All Products” and “High: Print Only” so I can get rid of all the others. You can either select certain price plans individually or you can click “check all” and delete in bulk. Don’t worry you cannot accidentally delete your default price plans or plans you are using as they won’t select.



Finally, if you find later on you want one of the default price plans back, they are available from the “Create New Price Plan” drop down list.



Why Keep Your Card Details Up To Date?

Summer is on its way which means one of two things; you’re either about to be inundated with work or you’re going away for a well deserved break. We thought that before the holidays really got going we would remind you to check that your payment card details are still valid and will see you through the holiday period. This is really important as card failure can cause a number of issues…



Throwback Thusday: Mosaic Page Galleries!

Many of you will have heard about the mosaic page, but are you using it to its full potential?

Before we tell you how you can use a mosaic page within your website, let’s go through exactly what it does. A mosaic page always displays a complete collection on one page with no requirement for clicking “next”.  There are two display options – display by fixed width or display by fixed height. Both of these display options work better visually with a mix of both portrait and landscape orientation images. Also, due to popular request you can now show the larger thumbnail in the foreground when the image is clicked from the mosaic page.


Sales: Database management

Sales: Database managementDatabaseWhenever the subject of database management comes up, this is the image that springs to mind. Banks of computers in low-lit warehouses humming away quietly and efficiently, stashing endless amounts of information ready to be accessed at any time. Whilst your small business may not need the football fields of storage that Apple requires, the same approach to data management is required: organisation, accessibility and rom for growth.


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