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Print Lab Credit System

Theimagefile has developed a credit system that allows you, as partner print labs, to offer cost-of-goods credits to photographers. It’s a great system that can be used to reward photographers for signing up to your lab/email list, as a refund, or reward or to encourage sales during a specified time period.




Google reCAPTCHA!

In celebration of Safer Internet Day we wanted to draw your attention to a new system that we have implemented within theimagefile. Recently Google has introduced its revamped and highly improved reCAPTCHA system. reCAPTCHA is a free service designed to protect your website from spam and abuse. For years, many of us have prompted our users to confirm that they are indeed human by forcing them to decipher distorted text and type it into a box. However, this is all about to change as the reCAPTCHA allows users to simply click and prove that they are indeed human.


Some of us may be wondering why it has taken so long to be rid of CAPTCHAs, however there is a lot more sophistication behind this modest checkbox than meets the eye! Google’s research has only recently shown that today’s Artificial Intelligence technology can solve even the most difficult variant of distorted text at 99.8% accuracy. Therefore to counter this, Google has developed an Advanced Risk Analysis system for reCAPTCHA that actively considers a user’s entire engagement with a CAPTCHA. However CAPTCHAs aren’t going away completely. In certain cases when the risk analysis engine can’t confidently predict whether a user is a human or an abusive agent, a CAPTCHA will appear to increase the number of security checkpoints and confirm the user is valid. This is designed to keep your websites secure while providing a better experience for users.

It’s always been theimagefile’s aim for you to receive valid emails and launching this feature on Safer Internet Day can only improve that. Enjoy!

Do you want to enable this feature? It is currently available in the advanced contact forms. Look at Form Processing > Spam Filter.


Mosaic Page Update

We wanted to give you a quick heads up about an update being made to the mosaic pages! By popular request we have made a change to the page’s functionality so that you can now show the larger thumbnail in the foreground. This will only occur when the image is clicked on from the mosaic page. To enable this new display option on your site, just edit your existing mosaic page (or make a new one!) and select the option:

mosaic page option

This option causes the 840px image to popup in the foreground when the small thumbnail is clicked (without reloading the page).  From there, you can hit ESC to cancel, or arrow keys “<” and “>” to click forwards and backwards through all images.

The 840px popup image works the same as on the View File page, taking colour, opacity and size information from; Control Panel -> My Images -> Collection and File Defaults -> File and Collection Display Settings.

2014-11-07_12-29-04 2014-11-07_12-28-40

We recommend that this format is used for a portfolio page as no sales options are displayed. The mosaic pages have been a great success and we’re so pleased that you’re enjoying them, so remember to make the changes required if you would like the new updates on your website! 😀


Mosaic Portfolio Page – Create Beautiful Galleries and Portfolios



mosaic portfolio page
mosaic portfolio page


The Mosaic Portfolio page is a new feature available now for you to create beautiful portfolios of unlimited images in any size you want. It’s fully dynamic and displays on all devices.

The “Mosaic” display mode can also be used in your sales collections giving continuity to your client area.  For additional information or help log in and search:  mosaic


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