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It’s Business, It’s Okay To Make Money!

Hello good people! We wanted to have a chat about pricing your services. In the office earlier today we were talking about the dilemma that many small businesses face when it comes to pricing their services – price too low and you can’t make ends meet but price too high and you risk scaring potential clients off. You’re also faced with difficult questions such as will you charge by the hour or per project? Will you require a deposit? And should you put your prices on your site? So we’ve created a super simple pricing formula to help you out in a tough spot.


Marketing Your Business On A Small Budget

Marketing your business on a small budget

Marketing your business on a small budget is one of the challenges many photographers face, some don’t know where to start, others simply don’t bother even to get started. When you first dreamed of running your own photographic business there may have been initial thoughts of instant success and rapid expansion, solving the world’s image shortages and photographic retail shortfalls. Your marketing would saturate all channels and everyone would know who you were!

The day-to-day of running a small business is vastly different and the marketing is limited by your potential output and geographic reach. Many photographic businesses are run by individuals.

Time is at a premium and you need to achieve a lot of exposure within time and budgetary constraints.


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