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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – What’s Your Most Popular Image?


Understanding your customer base is key to running a successful business. Do you know what your customers look for? Do they buy what they say they want? Many customers give the impression that they want photographs of the bride and groom at the wedding or their mother in law in the portrait studio. But do they actually buy those pictures or something completely different? Knowing this type of information allows you to maximise your sales.

On theimagefile you can see what your most popular images are. You can view what has been viewed the most, purchased the most frequently or downloaded most often (if you are permitting downloads of course).


Simply log in to your account on theimagefile and go to My Images > Search Files where you can search by most viewed, sales volume, most downloaded as well as sixteen other options.

Also check out My Images > Statistics to see your last viewed images, when collections were last viewed etc.


Throwback Thursday – Email Mailing Lists!

For this Throwback Thursday post we wanted to focus on the importance of email mailing lists and how they can be a benefit to your business. Email mailing lists, much like traditional mailing lists, are a way of using emails to distribute specific information to many Internet users and have become increasingly valuable over the past couple of years.

Throwback-thursday (1)


Throwback Thursday – File Recovery!

This Throwback Thursday we wanted to focus our attention on a common fear among photographers – accidentally deleting a file or collection. Now within theimagefile, accidentally deleting these important files or folders are not as bad as it seems. This article focuses on the ways of recovering them…

File-recovery (1)

Firstly we’re going to focus on the recovery of deleted collections. Within theimagefile any collections deleted are “soft deleted” for 28 days. This means that if you needed to recover a deleted collection within that 28 day period the collection will return to the original position with the original access rights and sales options. Similarly any files that are deleted from collections are also soft deleted for 28 days. They can also be recovered within that 28 day period and will return to the original collection with all statistics.

Find out more by:

1. Log into your account on theimagefile.

2. Go to “Help and Support”.

3. Type into the search box “How to recover deleted collections” or “How to recover deleted files”.


Throwback Thursday – Discounts!

Now January is often considered a quiet time for some businesses, so we wanted to focus our first Throwback Thursday article of the new year on something January is famous for – sales! Some of you may be thinking that you don’t really know where to start when it comes to a sale, so we thought we’d give you some helpful reminders…

Below, we’ve included some examples of sales that we think every business could benefit from and easily market, All discounts are set up within the price lists “discounts” tab.



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