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Facebook Advertising – Part 1


Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular social media networks, boasting over one billion active users. Thousands of businesses use Facebook to not only build and grow their client following, but to also promote and advertise their business. One of the most popular ways is through Facebook advertising. There are lots of opinions on how to get Facebook advertising to work the best for you, however we are only going to focus on the main tried and tested tips.

Before we start with the tips and tricks of Facebook advertising we wanted to cover the basics of how Facebook advertising actually works. At this current time (September 2016) Facebook advertising works through a “bidding” process. Basically when you choose to run an advert through Facebook you set a budget for that advert, which is the total amount you want to spend e.g. £50. Once you’ve set your total amount you then choose a bid – the amount you’re willing to pay to have customers see your advert and click on it or take some other action.

You also have the option of setting either a daily or lifetime budget for the advertising. This is so that it’s easy to stay within your budget. If you want to pay a certain amount per day e.g. £5 then you select the “Per Day” option in the Budget section. Facebook will never exceed this amount and the daily budget will reset each day at midnight. On the other hand you can also select a lifetime budget which continues until either your budget amount runs out or your advert end date arrives.

Now that we have those basics covered, let’s check out the tips!


6 Tips To Help New Parents Feel Comfortable During Their Newborn Session


A newborn session is something that many new parents now invest in. It’s a wonderful way of capturing those first few weeks and fleeting moments. However, for many new parents it’s also a nerve racking and overwhelming stage in their lives. Not only are they suddenly completely responsible for another human being, but they’re also trusting a complete stranger with their newborn baby. So here are six tips to help your clients feel comfortable during their newborn session.


So You Want To Be A Nursery Photographer…

So you want to be a nursery photographer...

Many people think that a nursery school photographer and a school photographer are the same thing. But the workflows are very different. As a nursery school (also known as a toddler group) photographer you will be photographing children under the age of five in their school environment. Unlike primary and secondary schools, toddler groups tend to cater to a small number of children and are privately owned. Also, a nursery school photo shoot tends to be organised on a first-come-first-served basis rather than as regimented production line. This is typically because children attend the toddler group either in the morning or afternoon.


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