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A Beautiful Way to Showcase your Portfolio


Our developers have been working hard on updating and improving the scrolling folio page. There are some big changes that have been implemented which will make the page more beautiful for your site visitor on desktop and mobile devices. It’s great for all portfolios especially fine art because of it’s natural panoramic aspect ratio. Of course the page still contains a text editor both above and below the images.You can now:

  • Optionally show images in a randomised order. This means that your clients get to see new images every time the page loads.
  • No restriction on number of images.
  • You can vary padding between images.
  • Make images auto-advance creating a smooth scrolling slideshow. A visitor can now watch the slideshow without intervention. However still have control by using the left and right arrows to advance/return an image or alternatively use the scroll bar below the folio to scroll through all the images very quickly.
  • You have the option to display the slideshow arrows.
  • Images can be clicked to go through to purchase options.

Click here to find out more about the new scrolling folio page.

Building the business – part two

Building the business part 2

Building the business – part two follows neatly on from, yes, you’ve guessed it Building the business – part one.

So you’ve survived year one and your business is just about profitable. You’ve got a part-time assistant who mucks in with everything and helps out with shoots on location. The finance company you outsourced your invoicing and accounts to have nearly caught up on the backlog of outstanding invoices, and the tax issues have been dealt with.

The studio you’re renting is full to bursting with four desks, a hired large-scale printer, a vintage studio camera you thought would make good as a piece of interest, your dog and a drawers full of materials and half-used items.


The Advantages of Seamless Integration!


Branding is a key process within a business as it shows the personality, quality, origin and target market of a particular company. Think of branding as a container for your business’ reputation and good will. Strong branding can build trust between a company and its customers. Potential clients are often given a firm idea of what they are buying before they buy it, making the purchasing decision far easier and therefore far more enjoyable. This would mean that your business’ reputation would get better and therefore your brand’s “container” would hold far more weight with clients.


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