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Taking time out

Posted on August 1, 2016 by Rich under Business, Inspiration, Sales and Marketing

taking time out

Taking time out when we are advising you on how to grow your business may seem a slightly strange suggestion, but there’s method in our madness. It’s really important to allow time to gain some perspective, as is to put your foot to the floor and accelerate, but it’s a key skill to know when to do this.

Time away from the day-to-day business can come in many forms as well. It does not have to be completely non-work related, or not involve taking a camera. Importantly it has to break the routine and get your grey matter working in a different way. This will enable you to think creatively about your normal operation and explore other ways of doing things.

…hear how other people find the reasons to get up in the morning and this will provide fresh impetus to your own work.


This is a broad church as it could mean visiting music festivals, galleries, graduations, parades, etc. The key is opening your mind to other creative pursuits and seeing new work. Creatively speaking, it may well fire your imagination to incorporate fresh styles into your existing work or provide that much needed spark or inspiration.


Do your research before attending, you’ll achieve much more by doing your homework enabling you to seek out relevant companies who may be able to help your business. Approaching these kind of events with an agenda such as streamlining your accounting or checking out the latest equipment is the best way to attack. Just as important is keeping an open mind. Whilst you have a strong idea of what your business may need to improve, industry events throw up people and ideas which you will not have considered. Don’t be afraid to go and speak to the stand holders. They’re there to showcase what they have to offer to you. Network like crazy! You never know who you may meet and might find some partners / clients in the process. Don’t forget your business cards! The Societies’ Photographic Convention is a great event held every January in London.


Whether it is a recognised photographer or a leader from another world that you have admired, go along to hear how other people find the reasons to get up in the morning and this will provide fresh impetus to your own work.


You may have a supplier whose business you admire or a larger, non-competing photography business who you supply to. If you can spend time working at their offices or shadowing their projects, this will give invaluable insight into how they do it. Some things you may like, others you may not but this is equally important.


On a day-to-day level and particularly when it is your own business, with you being the only worker, it’s easy to either procrastinate or work relentlessly, or both. Take time out or schedule a break at certain points in the day. Go for a walk, run some errands, go running. Whatever it is, get some perspective and do something apart from your work. Ideas will come, the brain will rest and you will end up recharged.