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The Main Reason To Display Your Prices

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Elsa under Business, Coffee Break, Sales and Marketing, Websites and SEO

The Main Reason To Display Your Prices

For many small business owners one of the most controversial decisions to make is whether to post your prices on your website. It’s understandable that many small business owners are wary of advertising their pricing and the most common reason for not doing so in the photography industry is; “all our pricing is custom, nothing is standard”. However not posting your prices could be a huge mistake, as the majority of customers base the purchase on one thing – “what’s it going to cost me?”


So why is it so important to publish your prices online? We’ve found some compelling reasons to get your pricing out there. The first is that clients are trained to search for pricing as a part of any purchase decision they make. As buyers we are programmed to search for products until we find the best quality for the best price. Therefore as a business it is up to you to “own the price and value dialogue of your product or service”, so that you can provide buyers with the information they require.

As we mentioned before, the most common argument for not publishing prices is that the business provides a bespoke service or product. In this scenario I would suggest that a price range be included or at least a starting price. Of course this price will not necessarily be the quote that the client receives however, there is a belief amongst many that if a price is not displayed then it will be too high. This results in many customers not doing business with a company simply because they don’t show their prices.

Also from your point of view as the business owner, you are separating those that are and aren’t serious about booking your services in advance.



What Now?

You can create pages for your packages and pricing by going to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page. Here you can use any of the page types!


How do you feel about displaying your prices on your site?