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2020 Theimagefile Updates: Small But Mighty Changes

Posted on January 26, 2021 by theimagefile under Business, New and Improved Features, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

Throughout 2020 we have been working hard to support you and your business including developing exciting new feature and updating functionality. However, we have also implemented a few small changes that although they might seem little they are mighty. If you missed the updates at the time, here is a recap.

Add Whatsapp As A Share Option

Whatsapp is now available in the share panel of your mobile website. This makes it even easier for customers to share products, posts and pages with friends and loved ones, wherever they are. Great for the “digital age”!

Improved Email Spam Filtering From Contact Form

We do everything we can to protect our members from contact form spam and have now introduced even more new and improved email spam filtering measures. Our filtering system classifies incoming messages in three ways – allow, queue or delete. Only messages that are certain to be spam are instantly deleted, others are merely queued for you to review at a later date. This ensures no legitimate inquiries are ever accidentally removed.

Control Panel Dashboard Makeover

The control panel dashboard has been redesigned to be more user friendly and help you keep on top of your business. The dashboard now displays panels to highlight important information, your most recent support queries, orders as well as announcements about new features and updates. You now also have the added option to show sales data first.

Increased Functionality In The Edit Helper

We have increased functionality in the edit helper. Now, the lower part of the edit helper will dynamically change depending on what part of your website you are looking at. So, when logged in and viewing a web page, you (and only you!) will see links to editing the web page. When viewing a collection you will see links to editing the collection or the image being viewed. When in the shopping cart, the “shop explain” link will open a panel explaining any discounts you are offering.

Reworked Friendly URLS For Pages, Images And Collections

All friendly URLS for pages, collections and images have been reworked to be shorter and…well…more friendly. This makes things easier for you and your client.

Increased Integration With Light Blue

We have increased, improved and updated our integration with Light Blue. This allows all form fields to be important seamlessly from Light Blue into your imagefile account. This makes things quicker, easier and simpler for you, leaving you more time to focus on your business, products and clients.

Updated the daily “You Have Orders” email to be more concise

Simplified Stack Options

We have simplified and reworded the “advanced options” of editing a web page. This will assist with blocking pages from search engines when needed and making sure you don’t mistakenly add duplicate content.

We Now Show The Size Of Your Web Pages

It’s really important that your web pages aren’t too big or slow loading so that the visitor receives the best possible user experience. This is vital for your on-site SEO. We have updated the edit all page interface to include new data that displays the size of the page in MB with the last modified timestamp. This makes it easy to see how big your web pages are and therefore modify accordingly.

Improved The Speed Of SSL Certificate Creation & Reporting Tools

All domain names hosted on theimagefile can enjoy free SSL, however, we have since improved the speed of the SSL certificate creation and reporting tools.

Testimonial Page Now Support Display Order

Testimonials are incredibly important to securing future bookings, sales and clients. We’ve made it easier than ever to keep your testimonials up to date and organised by updating the testimonials page so that it now supports display order numbers. This enables you to make quick changes smoothly and easily.

Added Tumblr To The Social Profiles Library

If you use Tumblr as a social media platform or as a blogging tool, you can now add it to your social profiles library. This means that the Tumblr icon will display with your other social media icons on your website as well as link through to your Tumblr page so that visitors can follow and interact with you.

Complete upgrade and reconfiguration of the WordPress and cPanel servers

New Functionality Of Email Routes

By default, emails sent from theimagefile (for example, notification of sales) will use theimagefile domain name as the sender. You can now route all email through your own SMTP settings.

Use Two Email Preferences To Help Clear Your Inbox

Historically, we sent emails with a copy of the order and a copy of what we sent to the customer. Additionally, if you had enabled “ask for email” on access to a collection we sent you a real-time update every time a user logged into that collection. On busy collections, with lots of sales, this could quickly overwhelm your email inbox. We have now changed the preferences so that these options are off by default but of course, you can re-enable them if needed. (My Profile Preferences).