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Throwback Thursday – Discounts!

Posted on January 8, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile, Tutorials

Now January is often considered a quiet time for some businesses, so we wanted to focus our first Throwback Thursday article of the new year on something January is famous for – sales! Some of you may be thinking that you don’t really know where to start when it comes to a sale, so we thought we’d give you some helpful reminders…

Below, we’ve included some examples of sales that we think every business could benefit from and easily market, All discounts are set up within the price lists “discounts” tab.


number-1-playfair  A percentage off a complete order within two set dates!

Benefit: Customers will feel encouraged to buy now because the sale is only running for a limited time.

When you set up this discount, all collections within the price plan will receive the discount. Our example shows that when a customer purchases a product they will receive a 10% discount. This method of discounting will automatically start and end on the dates you choose, for example; 2015-01-01 to 2015-01-31 will run the discount for the month of January.



number-2-playfair    A fixed amount off orders over 50 pounds that are placed within 6 days!

Benefit: By making the discount only available to those spending a certain amount will encourage customers to spend that little bit more.

When you set up this discount all collections using the price plan will receive a fixed amount discount. Our example shows that all orders over £50.00 placed within the first six days of the collection event date will receive £5.00 off the entire order. However, the fixed amount as well as the amount of time that a customer has to redeem this discount is completely up to you.



number-3-playfair   Free shipping on all orders over 100 pounds!

Benefit: Similar to the discount above, this offer is only available to those spending a certain amount and therefore will encourage clients to purchase more.

When you set up this discount all collections using the price plan will receive the free shipping offer. Our example shows an offer of free shipping on all orders over £100.00 that has no expiration date. The amount the customer must spend to benefit from free shipping is as always set by you. Equally, if you do not want to have an offer with no expiration date you can set a limited time for the offer to be redeemed.



number-4-playfair   A percentage off a complete order using a promo discount code!

Benefit: By offering one or more different promo discount codes through various different mediums, for example Facebook, Twitter or via email, you can easily see where your discounts/offers are being redeemed the most, therefore helping you market you business effectively.

When you set up this offer all collections using the price plan will receive a discount on all orders from customers using the special promo code. Our example shows that when a customer completes an order and uses the promo discount code they would receive 63% off. In our example the promo discount code has no expiration date, however as always the amount of time the discount will be active for is set by you.



number-5-playfair   Trigger a free product on spending amount!

Benefit: As before, this would encourage customers to spend a little bit more on your products.

Setting up this discount allows all customers to receive a free product when the trigger amount is spent. In our example a customer must spend £50.00 before they can receive the free product. However, if you would rather offer a reduced price discount rather than free, you can set a new reduced price within the offer. Equally, you can set the discount to run within certain dates, therefore creating a sense of urgency for your customers.



To find out more:

1. Log in to you account on theimagefile.

2. Go to “Help and Support”.

3. Type into the search box “discount examples”.

The required help articles should appear.